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If you could have a single gadget from any science fiction or fantasy story, which one would you choose and what would you use it for? Why is that one so appealing for you?
Just you get the gadget and you have to keep it secret.
asked in gadgets, psychology

tracieboo answers:

The Delorean from back to the future, pretty obvious as to why...so i could travel backwards and forwards through time. Though not sure how i'd keep it a secret!!

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vultan answers:

The Tardis - for the same reason as tracie, except it could also take me through space and would be big enough to live in.

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Topaz2308 answers:

I want one of those memory erasers from Men in Black so after a few to many liquid refreshments and some filthy rude antics it could all be erased from everyone's dim and distant memories.

Also very good to erase memories I want to escape but rear their ugly heads to hold me back from moving on.

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geejayy answers:

that computer tool from the matrix films which can instantly up load knowledge and abillity .

to improve the things i lack.

Supplement from 02/13/2009 10:40pm:

'dora' the personal yacht of lazarus long,later to become flesh and blood. from the robert heinlin book-time enough for love.

or possibly, the 'heart of gold?' - hitchhikers.
infinate improbability drive,- all thing possible.
i'veoften wondered what its like to be a sofa.

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xoloriib answers:

A replicator from Star Trek would be my choice. It could replace kitchen, clothing shop et c. et c. You could even use it for water during drought. Not sure what the electricity bill would be like though!

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Russel.West answers:

Matter transporter from Star Trek - oh and 7 of 9 to operate it for me! A replicator would be good too...

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wumpus answers:

The mind transferrer from Star Trek.

Just imagine what you could do if you could put your mind in somebody else's body, over and over again.

As good as being immortal, plus all the variations you could experience.

Supplement from 02/14/2009 06:31pm:

Second choice would be the replicator from Larry Niven's Ringworld.

Far better than the Star Trek ones, it absorbs molecules from the air, it's portable, contains its own power supplies, and can make pretty much everything from food and medicines to planks of wood.

Try getting an 8ft length of 4"x2" out of the Star Trek ones!

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PARRY22 answers:

A Star Trek beam transporter so that I could travel from Wales to North east England in the blink of an eye instead of a five to six hour journey by road (longer if using National Express).

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