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what is the poorest country in the world?
on top to buttom
asked in trivia

vultan answers:

Seems to be some dispute.

This list says it's Malawi:

This one says it's The Democratic Republic of Congo:

This one says it's The Republic of Congo:

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wumpus answers:

If you instead measure it by total external debt, Brazil tops the leaderboard.

Rank Country National Debt
1 Brazil $232,004,000,000
2 Russia $183,601,000,000
3 Mexico $159,959,000,000
4 China $154,599,000,000
5 Indonesia $150,875,000,000
6 Argentina $144,050,000,000
7 South Korea $139,097,000,000
8 Turkey $102,074,000,000
9 India $98,232,000,000
10 Thailand $86,172,000,000

Supplement from 02/14/2009 06:41pm:

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