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whow is the owner of car reg h19gms

asked in cars

blacksmith81 answers:

Currently, Regulation 27 of the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002 allows the Agency to release information from its vehicle register to the police, to local authorities for the investigation of an offence or decriminalised parking contravention, and to anybody who demonstrates ‘reasonable cause’ to have the information made available to them. Regulations also allow for a fee to be charged to cover the cost of processing requests.

‘Reasonable cause’ is not defined in legislation but release is normally associated with road safety, events occurring as a direct consequence of the use of the vehicle, the enforcement of road traffic legislation and the collection of taxes. The Agency has to evaluate very carefully the reasons for the request as well as the way in which the information will be used before releasing the information.

This means that information will be lawfully made available for a variety of purposes under the reasonable cause provisions. Circumstances that have previously been considered to meet ‘reasonable cause’ are listed below. A list of bodies the Agency has previously considered demonstrated reasonable is also available.

Circumstances in which information has previously been released;

# safety recall by vehicle manufacturer – to enable the manufacturer, or an agent acting on their behalf, to trace keepers to ensure that a vehicle is checked and any modifications are made

# abandoned Vehicles – to help trace keepers who abandon their vehicles on private property outside the control of local authorities

# minor hit and run incidents – to help trace keepers of vehicles involved in minor hit and run incidents not warranting a full police investigation.Circumstances could include incidents of personal injury or damage to property

# toll/road charges – information may be released to help trace keepers of vehicles that have failed to pay road/tunnel/bridge charges

# drive-offs – to help trace keepers of vehicles that drive off without paying for goods/services. Circumstances could include incidents of failing to pay for petrol or repairs for a vehicle

# unauthorised parking on private land – to help landlords or their agents to trace keepers who obstruct access, contravene parking restrictions or trespass on private land

# suspected fraud – to establish keepers of vehicles where insurance claims have been received

# investigations into suspected vehicle ‘clocking’ – to confirm if a vehicle’s recorded mileage is genuine

# enforcement of traffic related offences outside the UK – to UK agents acting on behalf of non-UK authorities to pursue keepers for non payment of penalties for parking and toll road violations incurred outside the UK

# stolen cheque payments – to investigate payments related to a vehicle using stolen cheques

# tracing company assets – to a liquidator appointed by the court to confirm the assets of a company following insolvency

# confirmation of keeper details to ensure seizure of correct vehicle by bailiff/debt collection agents under court order

# person acting as an executor of a deceased’s estate to confirm vehicle assets.

Details of how to make a request are available at;


Supplement from 02/15/2009 11:40am:

Of course, you could always get this information free, from your local police, if the enquiry is related to an offence.

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