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Did you get what you wanted for Valentines Day?
as per usual got nowt! 32 years of marriage and only one text two years ago!
asked in valentines day, love life

xoloriib answers:

I got what I expected - nothing. It's good to be right. :-)

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wumpus answers:


As usual where external expectations (and her family) are imposed it ended up as a row.

She's now gone out with the kids and isn't talking to me.

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tracieboo answers:

I wasn't expecting anything as Mr Boo is away, so i had a lovely surprise when interflora knocked on my door with roses and a heart shaped balloon. Even more of a surprise later in the day when they came back with exactly the same thing!! I told them i already had mine so they must of made a mistake.

Supplement from 02/15/2009 12:13pm:

But to answer your question, no i didn't get what i wanted, i would of prefered to have Mr Boo here with me than a bunch of flowers.

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Topaz2308 answers:

I did get what I wanted as Mr Topaz was away but came home on the early hours of Friday morning to surprise me. Nothing like being knocked up at 2am in the morning by a hubby who has forgotten his key.

So we were at least together even if he also insisted the children came on our romantic lunch together.

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del79 answers:

mr del was laid off work so we've gone from being comfortable,to being very poor indeed!! so this valentines we spent the day trying to make 50 pounds stretch enough to buy shopping for the 6 of us for a week!!!! not very romantic,but i'd rather be poor and with mr del than rich with no mr del ;)

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Family.Guy answers:

I got what i wanted ........ To be left alone like every other year !

I never get anything so i dont like V'Day very much.

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