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What's the most scientifically unlikely thing to appear in any Bond film?

Supplement from 02/15/2009 03:22pm:
What I meant was, of all the things that have *already* appeared in Bond films, which is the most scientifically uinlikely?

asked in films, bond, gadgets

Russel.West answers:

Canesten cream I should have thought is very unlikely to make it's way into the screen!
Plasma gun?
Oh I know... maybe Bond gets diagnosed by a full body and mind scanner as - homosexual!!! Sure would change the cast from bond girls to Bond Boys!!!

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xoloriib answers:

Something doesn't work like it's supposed to. Murphy's law is reality!

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cryptminder answers:

Bond could do anything except dissapear up his own backside

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tecspec answers:

Jaws couldn't have bitten through the steel cable of the chair lift.
The pen that blew the top half of a body off would have to have been as bif as his arm!
See Mythbusters James Bond specials. Lots more on there!

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