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Which 20th century PM held office the longest?

asked in prime minister, politics

xoloriib answers:

Tony Blair

Supplement from 02/15/2009 03:37pm:

My apologies : I thought I saw the word Labour in there.

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vultan answers:

Assuming you mean in the UK, Margaret Thatcher.

Supplement from 02/15/2009 03:27pm:

Although if you include PM's whose time in power straddled two centuries, the answer would Lord Salisbury, who was PM in 1900. He was PM for something like 17 years in total.

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cryptminder answers:

(Reuters) - Tony Blair chalked up a decade in office on Tuesday. He ranks ninth on the list of longest serving prime ministers and is only the second person in the last 100 years to have held the job for 10 years.

Here are some facts about prime ministers:

-- Only Margaret Thatcher has outlasted Blair as prime minister in the past century, occupying the head of government's Downing Street residence for 11-1/2 years from 1979 to 1990.

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