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When I imagine Britney Spears reclining naked on a bearskin rug, she's usually reading a book. What book is she reading when you imagine her naked?

asked in literature, britney spears

high1971 answers:

she is not reading anything

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tracieboo answers:

Can she read?

Supplement from 02/15/2009 11:20pm:

Ok, in Vultans fantasy she is reading war and peace.....though she is actually looking for the pictures....

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duffield1 answers:

The Dictionary. She's been told that the story isn't so good, but it really helps your vocabulary. Unfortunately, she is stuck on "Aardvark".

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johncurrandavis answers:

To make it a complete male fantasy... she's reading a book on C++ programming.

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tecspec answers:

It'll either be JAnet and John or it'll be upside down, or she's hiding a copy of OK/HELLO.

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rainchild answers:

The complete idiot's guide to being a parent.

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Russel.West answers:

It's a picture book - the kama sutra... please no one disturb me - I'm day dreaming...

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