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Do you think this is a good idea?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazi ne/7886481.stm copy
asked in politics, World Peace, United Nations

OneFootInTheGame answers:

If we actually exerted that much control and the rest of the world would help pay the bills, I would have no objection. However, the last election was the longest in our history, I hate to think how long it would take if the rest of the world got involved.

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vultan answers:

Well yes, kind of, but I don't see how you can vote for someone in another country unless you're going to be part of that country. While AMerican has a lot of influence in some countries, especially the UK, they don;t actually get to make the laws over here. Why would they accept our say in choosing their leader if they that leader didn;t get to be president of all the people who vote for him. After all, he can call himself 'leader of the free world' all he likes, but he isn't my leader. He couild probably have me kidnapped, tortured and murdered, but he can't lead me.

If we did indeed become the 51st state, and all the other countries in the world became the 52nd through 200th states, then it would make some sense, but in that case the presidency would be a very different institution. China and Russia are getting to be as powerful as America anyway, and will probably overtake it in the next few decades. And surely countries that aren't democracies - China, North Korea etc - wouldn't allow their people to vote in a foreign election.

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