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If the police enforced prosecution against those guilty of under-age sex, would that put youngsters off doing it?
I'm a law-abiding type, and even though my girlfriend was a year younger than I was, we did wait until she hit 16 before becoming sexually active - and not wanting to break the law was a big part of that.

If teenagers knew that they would be prosecuted if found out - boys and girls - would this be sufficient to stop them? Would it stop any under-age pregnancies, or indeed, reduce the number of STIs in under 16s?

The punishment could be something as simple as having to undergo special education classes, or even enforcing punishment on parents (like is done with truanting pupils). Would that work?
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vultan answers:

Teenagers still take drugs even though it's illegal. They still drink underage. Children are always asking me to buy fags for them (god knows why, I've never once done it). They still download stuff they've no legal right to download. I'd think it would put very few people off if the police got a bit stricter. I don't think underage sex is going to go away - which is why sex education should be improved.

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wumpus answers:

They know there's a risk of "getting caught" by pregnancy, but they go ahead and do it anyway.

Why would another threat make any difference? You'd just end up giving a criminal record to those who are probably too young to be punished.

Additional punishments would just increase the desire for the "forbidden fruit".

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xoloriib answers:

You're dealing with a basic instinct here. While young people may have been responsible in years gone by, that is no longer the case. The foods that are produced today increase the possibility of younger girls reaching maturity early. The younger people are the more they are inclined to be foolhardy. With an increasing population it is difficult to keep an eye them all the time.

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Russel.West answers:

No, love is the strongest of the emotions and therfore transcends most 'laws'

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