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Omphaloskepsis - is there a reason why some people have "innies" and other "outies"?

asked in in the naval, phaarp, biology

duffield1 answers:


The belly button is really just a scar. If your baby had a hernia, this could have contributed to an outie belly button. Also, if your baby formed some scar tissue underneath the belly button, this could have caused it to protrude and become an outie.

While an outie belly button is less common, it's no less a part of your child's normal appearance. As your child grows, be sure to help your child see the beauty of this feature just like you would anything else that's a little different like freckles or a birthmark.

(Taken from: http://babyparenting.about.com/od/umbilicalcordcare/f/innieoutie.htm , which is quoteing from the New York times)

Supplement from 02/17/2009 02:59pm:

There is an urban myth that an outie can be 'turned into' an innie by binding a coin to the baby's stomach when they are very young, but this is not true - apparently, 90% of belly buttons are innies, and it is not genetically inherited, it is just a question of physiology at the time the umbilical cord detaches.

Supplement from 02/17/2009 03:03pm:

Another piece of trivia for you - umbilicoplasty is the cosmetic surgery practice of turning an outie into an innie.

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