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Do goldfish really only have a memory span of three seconds?

asked in fish brains

Topaz2308 answers:

According to the University of Plymouth it is absolute nonsense that it has a three second memory and it has been established they have a three month memory instead.

Attached link with great detail


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Russel.West answers:

My goldfish knew when it was food time, they would also get excited when the dog went into the lounge she used to sniff and lick along the bottom edge of the tank, and they would swim up and down following her nose.

I knew they had a long memory as when my dad left home and he was the one who fed them at a set time each day, whilst they would always be ready swimming by the feeding hatch at the same time of day, when he came back for visits they would swim around like mad then go up to the feeding hatch even though it wasn't food time - I think this proves they did indeed have some extended memory.

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Messerwisser answers:

I tried training some fishes to see if I could improve...

What was the question about?

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