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My son has had tramline braces fitted recently but does anyone know if the wax used to stop them rubbing is edible?
When he eats the wax comes off and he is obviously consuming it without realising so is it okay?
asked in dentistry, health, general knowledge

tracieboo answers:

It's fine, my daughter swollowed a whole chunk of the stuff (don't ask!) and i rang the dentist to check, he said it was fine but wouldn't reccomend eating it on a regular basis!! A little bit will come of while he is chewing, that's normal.

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will_it_work answers:

It shouldn't cause him any problems, I have that stuff too and I have used it before going to sleep and woke up with it all gone!

I think the wax is rubbish and a waste of time, it never seems to stay in place.

Pop along to the site below, the have a great selection of brace type things. The comfi guard and lip bumper have really helped me at times!


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