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If the Brit awards are all about celebrating singing talent how come most of the acts are miming (not even in time either)?
Would you rather see them sing live and show their natural talent?
asked in music, singing, mime

tracieboo answers:

Because to get them to turn up to such a dire event they have to ply them with booze, therefore they can't even stand up straight let alone sing or mime in time to the music!!

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high1971 answers:

would you expect any else than lip sink this is the brits after all

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duffield1 answers:

Yes, I would love to see the natural talent, but in reality, even natural talent is often littered with flaws.

When we put on a show recently, we had a problem with a lead actor who struggled hugely with tuning - even with someone belting out the tune he was supposed to be singing in his ear, he just couldn't get it, so we took him along to a recording studio and recorded his part onto the backing CD. He sang out of tune during most of the recording, too, but technology exists to very easily 're-tune' the voice, so anyone with a modicum of talent can sing note perfect.

And that's what happens with post-production on all popstars to some degree or another - it is a bit like photos of models in glossy magazines, they are 'tweaking' the voices to be perfect, when they are not. Sometimes you do get genuinely talented performers who are as amazing live as they are on their recordings - that's the mark of a good performer! But most will not take a risk at such a high profile event as the Brits.

Of course, there are occasions when artists do cock up when performing live - on Saturday Night Takeaway last week, Miley Cyrus completely forgot her words mid-song (and the camera actually panned back to her at the moment she was saying to one of the band "I totally forgot my words!" - you didn't hear it, but her mouth moves a lot when she talks so lipreading is pretty easy!).

But I'm with you - I'd rather see the natural talent. Not always as polished as the recorded performance, but far more honest.

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