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What do you think the best film soundtracks are?
Do you like soundtracks that work well with the film but that you couldn't listen to by themselves, or do you like to buy soundtrack albums?

My own favourites are The Wicker Man; Flash Gordon (inevitably); Pulp Fiction; and Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (the last is maybe a little obscure).
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high1971 answers:

i like your choices
i would also say top gun and pretty woman

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Family.Guy answers:

Although it was a bad film in places i think the sound track to Titanic was quite good, if you listen to it you can picture everything than happened on that fateful night it even moves me at times.

Another sound track i like is the one from Armageddon especially the song 'Dont wanna miss a thing' that to is a song that moves me when accompanied by the film.

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rasputin1309 answers:

The Big Chill
The Wall
Zabrieski Point

Away from soundtracks per se - movie themes I like include:

Rollerball, (the original)
633 Squadron
The Great Escape
The Magnificent 7

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spampot answers:

My fave is The Lost Boys OST but most of the Bond Films have pretty good theme tunes (best PM&Wings - Live and Let Die, worst Sheryl Crow - Tomorrow Never Dies).

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P-Kasso answers:


It takes me right back to my mispent youth.

And the Duelling Guitars in Deliverance is as good a bit og banjoing since Uncle Dave Macon wowed 'em at the Grand Old Opre before the war!

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Smarkmann answers:

Old Boy

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siasl74 answers:

In addition to the above, I would put forward The Blues Brothers and Highlander

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tracieboo answers:

I like the sound track to Save the Last Dance, Notting Hill and as you have so rightly chosen Flash Gordon! Do films like Dirty Dancing and Grease count? (seeing as they are musicals) if so i'll choose those aswell.
There are probably loads more, but i can't think of them off the top of my head and some have already been mentioned.

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sumoman answers:
I am going to say American Pies. But then again I like that kind of music. The last song on the film Heat is really good also.
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