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How much safer are Isofix baby car seats than those that fasten with a seatbelt?
We've got a car seat that fastens into the car either on its own, with a seatbelt or using Isofix. However, the Isofix bases are £100+. I know that you can't put a price on safety, but just how much safer are Isofix car seats than those fitted properly with a seatbelt? My wife's car does not have Isofix but only has two doors, so we might get a seatbelt-fixed base for her car, but I wonder whether it is worth spending the extra money for when the baby is in my car?
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siasl74 answers:

I'd be surprised if there was much difference between a properly fitted seatbelt restrained baby/child seat and an Isofix one. The main difference is in ease of use, as the Isofix just clunks into place, whereas you have to bend right in to put the seatbelt into place, and you *may* make mistakes.

When the seats are in place correctly, both the seatbelt and the isofix fittings will keep the seat from moving (much - Isofix is probably a little better here) in the event of a crash/emergency stop. I don't think that either offer any added protection if a car crashing into yours deforms the car enough for the seat to be struck by the car sides. Maybe if the car flips there are different levels of safety, but even then it would be marginal given the forces involved in that sort of incident.

The above is just my humble opinion

Here is some more:
Basically they say that the isofix gives a bit more of a solid link to prevent the seat from moving

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rasputin1309 answers:

Isofix = ease of use - but no good if you need to put the car seat into another non-isofix car. Go with a seat belt one - more versatile and very safe - Which magazine recently rated car seats - IM me and I'll track down the results for you

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