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Leafletting - is it legal?
Is it legal for somebody to stick an unwanted flyer under the windscreen wiper of your car?

What if the car is parked in your driveway at the time - would it be considered fly-tipping or littering or trespass, or some other misdemeanour?

Will leafletting in this manner still be legal once we're expected to dispose of unwanted waste at our own expense?

Granted the leaflets might be recyclable, but it does seem wrong to me that the home/car owner should be landed with the responsibility for recycling something that they actively didn't want in the first place.

Suppose you got landed with a thousand of the things?
asked in unwanted advertising, trespass, littering

blacksmith81 answers:

Sticking leaflets under a car windscreen wiper, could constitute tampering with a motor vehicle, which is a Criminal offence. Although, I don't know of any instance where that proposition, has been tested in court.

I know that it's certainly a problem for householders in my area, with flyers for takeaway pizzas and kebabs, local store franchises etc. Most of this detritus, goes straight from the letterbox, to the recycling bin.

Supplement from 02/19/2009 05:08pm:

Posting the stuff through your letterbox, AFAIK, is perfectly legal, albeit a nuisance.

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Russel.West answers:

If you put up a notice stating no tresspassing, no junk mail and the local say takeaway keeps posting stuff through your door you could take legal action and sue for the cost of dealing with the junk mail, as for under a car windscreen - same thing as with the notice just modified to include something about no flyers to be placed on vehicles.

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