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Why does it make you feel better to share your frustrations with others?
Having a good old rant can really help to calm you down and, often, see the funny side of an otherwise frustrating situation. Why is this? What is the psychological reason for ranting helping you to feel better? Is ranting healthier than keeping emotions pent up?
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Hiheels answers:

Let it out, let it all flow out.

Particularly ranting to another person can be very satisfying as, if they agree with you, it increases the conviction you have that you're right...you can then decimate the wrongdoer between you (verbally) and job's a good 'un.

To sustain irritation, as with most emotions, is difficult to do consistently and permanently, so a good old rant gets it out and gets it over with ready to move on.

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Messerwisser answers:

Because we are social animals.

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Redslap answers:

Be explaining the situation to someone objective, however rantily you do it, you begin the see the situation for yourself more clearly and objectively. By gaining that distance you can begin to evaluate it more coolly, thus getting a feeling of righteousness and therefore comfort if you were "right" or at the very least a giggle if you were "wrong".

Of course, right and wrong are very loaded terms!

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Russel.West answers:

If you bottle it up with no appropriate release, it can be very damaging and end up in an explosive angry release of pent up frustration, usually at the tiniest thing too, worse still aimed at someone you love!!!

I was at college with a bunch of trainee psychology counselors - it would seem that over the last 100 years we have managed to reduce the amount of outlets for stress, like popping round to a neighbours for a tea and chat - apparently work pressures and finances coupled with role changes mainly for women, gone are those days when there were communities who supported each other - now we train people do do that job, they cost more than a cup of tea too!!!

Social networking sites often have rant forums, not the same really having a chat with a faceless computer! I much prefer a cuppa and a good old fashioned moan...

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