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Calling all you Monty Python fans!...Where can I download a copy of the famous sketch - the one about....
(Welcome to the basement floor - I was running out of characters for the rest of the question)...

The famous sketch was that one that includes....

"When we were kids we were so poor we didn't have shoes...we had to wear shoe boxes.."

"You had shoe boxes? We were so poor we..."

Etc or words to that effect.

Funniest thing ever in the last Century - and I really want to find a copy...usual terms apply, must be downloadable free, gratis and for nothing...legally if necessary...etc...

Have a thousand credits!

Spend, spend, spend while the sun shines!
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siasl74 answers:


Apparently 'twas not in the original TV show.

here's the sript:
Audio here:

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vultan answers:

There are versions on youtube, including one from Live At The Hollywood Bowl that I think has the Pythons' legal blessing (they've released a bunch of old sketches for free on youtube). The original was from At Last The 1948 Show, and has been removed from youtube for copyright reasons.

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tecspec answers:


This is a version by Vic Reeves, Alan Rickman, Eddie Izzard and Harry Enfield.

There were 4 of us when I was in college that used to do the sketch for a party piece. Like the link above we played about with the wording a bit!

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