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I've heard that the Vikings got as far as Israel? Did they? When? And how on earth did they manage that without a scandinavian pine Sat Nav from Ikea?
Which way is the Haifa Hilton, Hymie...

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funrunna answers:

The sands of time tell me that 'agar the 'orrible... Sailed the dessert sands aboard ships of the dessert!

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xoloriib answers:

I read somewhere that they travelled down the rivers of Eastern Europe down to the Black Sea. I didn't know they'd got further. Most of the Vikings were traders and there was plenty of trading to be done along the route that they took.

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Russel.West answers:

Back in those days Ikea sold only one item, a pine stick, which when you bought two of them you had a compas, although you also needed the handy timepiece they sold which were a collection of pine sticks which made up a sun dial, so at mid-day you stuck your two sticks in the ground the second stick was inserted in the ground at the end of the first sticks shadow and hey presto you had a compas which told you where north and south were, trouble is it only worked on land - on a boat it was less than reliable!

Supplement from 02/21/2009 04:36pm:

I bit my tounge accidently as I was removing it from my cheek - that'll teach me to laugh at my own jokes!

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