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What exactly is Quorn?
I made a very nice lasagne for my veggie friend today using quorn (the rest of us had a proper one!) i ask my friend what quorn actually was and she had no idea!!
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Topaz2308 answers:

It is soya protein if it was the mince you used I presume.

Supplement from 02/20/2009 07:43pm:

Sorry I stand corrected it is

Quorn is made with mycoprotein, a nutritious member of the fungi family, which is naturally low in fat.


Supplement from 02/20/2009 07:50pm:

It is all to do with soya and fermenting fungus


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P-Kasso answers:

Quorn is some sort of factory-treated mushrooms. I don't trust packet foods.

What's wrong with real mushrooms? I like my mushrooms grown by farmers, not by chemists.

Quorn is a very successful marketing ploy though. And the spoofy sci-fi name sounds a lot tastier that a 'Mycoprotein' which is just Myco (=fungi)plus Protein.

Does the fermenting of mushrooms really improve the nutritional value? It might improve the taste but so does a good bash of Tabasco.

What's wrong with Tofu instead?

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