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Does anybody know about php scripting? Or "CAPTCHA" imaging issues... Could use a little help please!
I've purchased some s/ware to include on another website and there is no support!

What instructions there are. Require creating a database and importing a text file into the same. To provide initial data... Country, languages and user registration blurb. I have managed to do this and can query the database, so that end seems to be okay.

There's an admin/index.php with a default user (fred) and password (fred) and the instructions require changes to these, which I have done accordingly.

One or two superficial changes are required elsewhere but, they are mostly cosmetics and I'm sure there are no problems therein.

Under "localhost" the link from my index page gives access to the expected front-end but registration requires user details and submission via the aforementioned "captcha" security system BUT... When I punch in the numbers I get thrown out with a politer version of. "You dyslexic old fart, can't you read?" Which leads me to the conclusion that "captcha" is indeed, the source of my woes.

Any thoughts???
asked in PHP and MYSQL

OneFootInTheGame answers:

If this has no relevance, just ignore...

# Open the PHP file that processes the form data after submission.
You can find this by looking at the action value inside your <form> tag.
Note: In order to use Securimage, your form processor must be written in PHP.
# On line 1 of the file, add the following code:

<?php session_start(); ?>

It is important to put this at the top of the file before any HTML output.

...it was that last line that caught my eye.


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