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Lucky saint? Why is St Monica the patron saint of abuse victims, alcoholics, victims of adultery, bad marriages, disappointing children, widows and wives? What did she do to deserve it?
She looks pretty normal in her press photo. So how come she got lumbered with such a ragbag of losers and abusers?
asked in saints

jacquesdor answers:

She was of Christian parents and was very devout. Married at a young age to a Pagan. She had three children and spent her whole life tryibg to get her husband and children converted. He first son, Augustine, was a big problem to her, she had a hard time all round.
Evetually husband and son were baptised, and she dies soon after this. As he body was being carried to burial many miracles took place. She became revered by a cult in her name as the Saint of hard done by wives and mothers. That is in a nutshell. The rest of the story here.

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