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Who won the very first Oscar actually handed over first on the first ever Oscar night?
And what was it for?
asked in Oscars

vultan answers:

No one seems to say. The best I could do was find out that iut was hosted by Doglas Fairbanks.

There's a list of winners here:


They didn't start filming the event til rather later, so maybe no one even knows what order they were presented in?

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xoloriib answers:

It doesn't actually say who got what first but here's the list and a couple of links :

Best Picture (Production): Wings

Best Picture (Artistic Quality of Production): Sunrise

Best Actor: Emil Jennings (The Way of All Flesh, The Last Command)

Best Actress: Janet Gaynor (Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, Sunrise)

Best Director (Drama): Frank Borzage (Seventh Heaven)

Best Director (Comedy): Lewis Milestone (Two Arabian Nights)

Best Writing (Original story): Ben Hecht (Underworld)

Best Writing (Adaptation): Benjamin Glazer (Seventh Heaven)

Best Writing (Title Cards): Joseph Farnham (Fair Co-Ed, Laugh Clown, Laugh, Telling the World)

Best Cinematography: Charles Rosher/Karl Struss (Sunrise)

Best Engineering Effects: Roy Pomeroy (Wings)

Art Direction: William Cameron Menzies (The Dove, The Tempest)



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