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What's the best way to get to Brest in Brittany this Summer?
Car/Ferry is going to take ages, it's about 6 hours drive just to get to the South coast.
Long road trips with baby and 5yo are not a pleasing prospect.
Do I still need yellow headlamps and beam-benders?

Train is appealing, as long as we can get on in the North-West UK and not have to change too often. And I can't seem to get a sensible quote out of any of the train ticket booking websites. (usually no quote at all).
Eurotrain was a complete waste of time.
And the only rail links to Europe seem to be from the South, which means a long trip just to get onto the Eurostar.
(What happened to the Liverpool link we were promised?)

Plane is possible, but still a long journey by road once we get to the other side. And it would mean flying from the Midlands, another 2 hours by road in the small hours which isn't ideal.

Anybody done this trip? What's the best way?
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Russel.West answers:

For a moment there I thought you'd made a spelling mistake anbd I was going to state the obvious...

I'd suggest seeing what deals you can get train and drive via euro tunnel, train to London, then on Eurostar to outskirts of Paris and then I think it's a couple of hours.

here a link:

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