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Can you use Lemsip in cooking?

asked in lemsip

Topaz2308 answers:

Not wise as you don't know if your guest have already had paracetamol and if it is included in the cookery it could lead to overdose. Heston Blumenthal has used thrush medication in some of his cookery but he is a professional chef so not wise for the uninitiated.

My father is a chef and he was horrified at the prospect of lemsip in anything as the flavours are artificial and not the most pleasant thing to consume.

Supplement from 02/22/2009 03:37pm:

Should also say it could conflict with numerous medications you or your guests are on.

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P-Kasso answers:

No way!

Lemsip tastes horrible! Always has. Always will.

Topaz's dad is dead right.

Heston Blumenheck may dabble with it but I say go for the reaime thing every time...

Real lemon juice is cheaper than Lemsip and it tastes ten times better. Even bottled lemon juice is pure without all the chemistry lab muck involved with Lemsip.

Even drinking hot real lemon juice and taking a couple of paracetemols as a side order is better than cooking with Lemsip.

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