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When did a radio show two way family favourites first begin? How long did it run?

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Topaz2308 answers:

It began in 1945 until 1984 so a span of 39 years all told.

Two-Way Family Favourites (1945- 1984) was a record request programme designed to link families at home in the UK with British forces posted overseas in West Germany and further afield. The half - hour Tuesday evening show was expanded in 1960 to a longer 90 minute Sunday show with a radio announcer telephone link from the linked BFPO Country. It was presented amongst others by Cliff Michelmore, Jean Metcalfe, Michael Aspel, Sarah Kennedy and finally Jean Challis. In the 1950's and early 1960's Family Favourites was one of the few BBC radio programmes devoted exclusively to records, so its audience was in consequence huge, going far beyond the audience at which it was aimed. It offered the 'real thing', the popular records themselves which by the late 1950s were what people wanted to hear, as against versions of the songs being played live in a studio in London. Theme - With A Song In My Heart by Andre Kostelanetz.


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