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What foods shouldn't you eat in the same meal?

asked in foods

jacquesdor answers:

different people have different ideas - for example Kosher is full of things not to be eaten with other things.
The one I do know about is carbohydrate and acid foods, so you shouldn´t eat potatoes with lemons etc.
There is a school of thought that says you shouldn´t eat starch and fat ....... which means no butter on your baked spud so not for me!!
I do think the only non faddy one is carbo and acid.
No links because this is a rag tag of things I sort of know.

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P-Kasso answers:

Any foods with Brussel Sprouts on the same plate.

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Russel.West answers:

seafood and brandy - if say crab or lobster is off then drinking brandy at the same time causes problems with the liver getting rid of said toxins and the outcome could be dire!

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Claryyfarren answers:
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