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video card question
how I can tell how powerful my laptop video card is?

I've looked at the display properties advanced tab, and there is information about the video card in the adapter field, that states the memory size is 128MB.
Does the memory size of 128MB mean that my laptop will be be able to run games requring a 128MB video card or less?
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wumpus answers:

Laptop graphics adapters are slightly different to those usually found on desktops.

In a desktop machine, the graphics card usually has its own onboard memory, which is one of the features to look for when buying a card. The computer will download graphics information and drawing instructions into that memory, and the graphics card (which is actually an extremely powerful computer in its own right) can process that to generate a display.
In some ways, the memory size is a measure of the card's capabilities, along with GPU speed, bus type, bus speed, etc.

In laptops, the graphics card is usually integrated into the mainboard, and does not have its own memory.
Instead, it steals/shares memory from the main computer.
This means that your main computer has less memory to play with.
In your case, it's stealing 128Mb.
So if you've only got 512Mb in the machine altogether, that means up to a quarter of your memory could be used by the graphics card, leaving a lot less for the main computer to use.

It may be possible to adjust the 128Mb share size by changing a BIOS parameter, typical laptops can go as low as 8Mb or as high as 512Mb.

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Riseyymelly answers:
I have a laptop but the screen is broken I was wondering if the video card from the laptop would word on the desktop.The desktop is a hp not sure what year and the laptop is a compaq. http://sunlesstanningsite.org/five-tips-regarding-the-sunless-tanning.html
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