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When does the football season end and why is the season timed so?

asked in Football, history

xoloriib answers:

LONDON: The Premier League confirmed on Friday that next season’s campaign will finish a week early to give Fabio Capello five weeks instead of four to prepare his England football squad for the World Cup.
The 2009-10 season, which starts on Aug 15, will include a double-header on the Saturday and Monday of the August bank holiday for the first time in order to get the schedule finished earlier than normal.

Supplement from 02/22/2009 06:31pm:

Article rank 16 Feb 2009The Straits TimesAGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


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P-Kasso answers:

Further to Xolo's full answer - the reason the Football season ends before the summer is because that means that our dear footballers don't get too sweaty running about in their Gucci togs...

It is also to give the English cricket team enough time to get pasted by absolutely every country you can think of during the summer months...and a few you wouldn't think of too....

and. of course, it gives the national cricket team a bit more time to find that elusive Mr Stanford and all the missing millions ;-)

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