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What are your pet hates?
I'm generally a very calm and well-balanced person, but there are some things that just instantly drive me into rant mode. What does that for you?
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Hiheels answers:

People saying "should of" instead of "should have" and people who can't keep those hot air hand-dryers going so they start, stop, start, stop.
Actually any regular noise gets on my wick such as a ticking clock.
I'm sure there are more......

Supplement from 07/04/2006 12:30pm:

Ooh yes and being patronised.

Supplement from 07/04/2006 01:38pm:

Ooh and people who leave shopping trolleys in the middle of aisles and then go off to look at the shelves - maybe inconsideration generally actually.

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

Loud noise for no reason.

Kids high pitched screaming again for no reason.

People picking there feet!

People picking there noses.

Someone trying to read the paper over my shoulder.

Someone eating of my plate apart from my kids.

When i get into a car im a she devil so anyone doing stupid things or going for what i call sunday drives!

People eating from upside down crisp packets i wont eat crisps from them!

Someone taking my upside down ciggarette!

Ermmmmmmm i have loads lol

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jeannebaxter answers:

People talking loudly into their mobiLe phones. I thought the other day, he didn't need a phone, he was talking loudly enough to be heard at the other end without it.

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Able71 answers:

People who don't think about the people around them, for example, just standing in the way and, yes, talking loudly into phones.

People who treat you like you are thick. That's a work based one!

Thats about it really, I have a rant and then everything is all right with the world.

But it is a major wind up!

Supplement from 07/03/2006 06:13pm:

Someone saying they will do something and then changing their mind. If you say it do it, if you don't want then don't.

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wendyjugggs answers:

Sunday drivers - any day of the week.

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beeper_spryte answers:

txt tlk, plagiarism, laziness, people constantly chopping and changing their minds, people who drive at 40mph constantly - through 30mph zones and at the 60mph limit! people who are inherantly two-faced, glamour models calling each other names, stupid celeb weddings (i'll leave it for you to decide whether i mean the celebs are stupid or their weddings are stupid), illnesses that you have to "sweat out" like colds and 'flu... and young children swearing and asking for fags or booze. if you're not old enough to shave, you're not old enough to smoke.

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Drackon answers:

People who show a total disregard for others.

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sheps101 answers:

I am with Drackon, about people who show total disregard for others, and some of the other members hates too.
Here are some more of mine.....
Next doors dog is fouling in and around my garden, or anyone who doesn't clean up after their dog.
Hubbie stealing my tools cause he can't find his own and then not putting them back, is a big pet hate. I had to go borrow a hacksaw from my gran today because he left his and mine at someone elses. GRRRR
People putting others lives in danger is another, eg driving wise, I am big on safety issues.
Drug dealers who don't do drugs, but make money from fucking up others lives is another, at least the ones who take it and deal are possibily doing it to feed their own habits.
House breakers are the lowest of the low when it come to thiefs, not saying I agree with any thiefs, but breaking into people homes is really horrible.
I could go on and on but life is to short to dwell on the negatives

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