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i have subsribed to the transformers movie website which i will be given information and things, but so far i haven't recived anything. Will i eventually get anything.
Also will Beast Wars and Beast Machines Transformers be released as boxsets in the uk.
asked in dvds

ndm20 answers:

I think that's a question you should direct to the customer support section of the website you've joined.

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redomelette answers:

Since the movie isn't due for over a year or so, you may have to wait. The teaser trailer is out and that is about it. the closer it gets to the films release the more e-mails you will probably get. It is just a marketing trick to get you to see the movie on the opening weekend.

As for the DVDS...
No idea, the only DVDs listed are volumes, rather than boxsets. Not much better in the US.

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