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Can the word "threshold" be abbreviated somehow?
In language, writing, abbreviations - asked by temhawk - 2 answers
What do the letters 'FSA' mean after someone's name?
In abbreviations - asked by - 4 answers
Do you ever look over someone's shoulder to see what they're texting or IMing and wonder what they're on about?
In text, IM, abbreviations - asked by - 5 answers
What is JIT?
In abbreviations - asked by osbertonbowls - 2 answers
As the word refrigeration hasn't got one, why do we spell the word "fridge" with a "D"?
In Spelling, language, abbreviations - asked by - 5 answers
According to Ofcom, Radio Comms Licences what class of vessels are denoted by the abbreviations PHA and PHR?
In abbreviations - asked by osbertonbowls - 1 answer
What does flagging mean and also (sic) i really dont understand these terms!
In words, abbreviations, terms - asked by - 5 answers
in telecommunications, what does STD stand for?
In comms, abbreviations, trivia - asked by DIV_2005 - 1 answer
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