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Do redheads have a stronger scent?
In hair, scents, redheads - asked by - 3 answers
How wet can a violin get before it's water-damaged? Is it possible to repair a water-damaged violin?
In wet, violin, repair - asked by xoloriib - 1 answer
Tony Blair is supposed to be the man to sort any Middle East sqabbles. Where is he while Israel is busily anihilating Hamas? Where was he when this situation was developing?
In Middle East, Tony Blair, Israel - asked by - 4 answers
I'm trying to find images of hair tattoos/stickers, but I'm not having much luck. Could anyone here help?
In hair - asked by (Guest30729) - 1 answer
How can you add volume to your hair, without using a product?
In Hair, volume - asked by - 4 answers
What makes hair static, and how do you get rid off it?
In hair, static - asked by sheps101 - 3 answers
As we age our hair greys. Has anyone ever reverted back to his original colour?
In Hair, Colors - asked by Leohuberh - 1 answer
Why does plucking nasal hairs make me sneeze?
In nose, hair, sneeze - asked by - 4 answers
Do yu follow your gut instict?
In hair, instinct, feeling - asked by - 5 answers
What is the liklyhood of a Reaction to a skin test for Hair Dye?
In hair, reaction, dye - asked by kimberley240605 - 2 answers
How is the air on an A380 airbus kept fresh while it's in flight?
In A380, air, freshness - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
Ive had my blond highlights covered with a dark brown all over colour at my hairdressers 2 weeks ago. i want it a lighter brown so ive brought a lighter shade of brown to do it myself (casting l\'oreal creme gloss ) can i use this as ive read something ab
In hair, dye, progressive - asked by SUZANNE1975 - 1 answer
What is the natural source of helium? How much can be extracted from liquified air?
In helium, extraction, air - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
is there any scientific proof that getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks makes it grow faster?
In hair, science, physics - asked by - 4 answers
Do you repair/maintain your own car?
In cars, maintenance, repair - asked by - 6 answers
Can i do anything against thinn hair !?
In hair, thin hair, conditioner - asked by - 5 answers
At what age should one start getting grey hairs?
In Hair, age, grey - asked by - 13 answers
Which shampoo?
In Shampoo, hair - asked by - 4 answers
Why do men grow more hair on their ears as they get older?
In hair, haircut - asked by tecspec - 3 answers
Is it true, that most people of UK have red or oranges hair?
In UK, hair, orange - asked by - 7 answers
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