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Why is it that a plane's cabin lights are dimmed, before take off and landing?
In trivia, aircraft, airplane - asked by - 4 answers
How to aircraft protect themselves from lightning stikes?
In aircraft, lightning, prevention - asked by nivetha - 3 answers
Would anyone like to congratulate me on becoming the inventor of the chopper?
In fat, aircraft, blades - asked by - 5 answers
Does anybody know why they switch off the internal lights in the aircraft when taking off and landing?
In facts, aircraft, airplane - asked by lia_av - 3 answers
Why do all airlines have a safety demonstration showing life -jackets?
In Safety, aircraft - asked by TallScotsGuy - 3 answers
Where were Zeppelins manufactured?
In aircraft, airships, avionics - asked by osbertonbowls - 1 answer
Why did people stop using zeppelins?
In zeppelin, aircraft, transport - asked by escapevelocity - 3 answers
What name is given to the cabin below an Airship?
In aircraft - asked by Drackon - 1 answer
Is Concorde the only supersonic passenger aircraft?
In aeroplane, aircraft, supersonic - asked by - 4 answers
Explosive decompression of planes
In aircraft - asked by jjay26 - 0 answers
When was the first airplane accident? Who was involved and what happened?
In aircraft, airplane, Accident - asked by cairina.moschata - 1 answer
How much would one pay to get a light aircraft pilot's licence?
In pilot, license, aircraft - asked by escapevelocity - 1 answer
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