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Has white beetroot something in it that red beetroot hasn't?
In Food, allergies, beetroot - asked by - 4 answers
When cleaning your kitchen, do you use bleach? With all the different kinds of cleaners there are around now do you go for an alternative germ-busting option or just an all-purpose cleaner? Do you think over-cleanliness has lead to the rise in allergies?
In Cleaning, allergies, kitchens - asked by - 9 answers
Peanut allergy. Does anybody have any information on whether somebody who has eaten peanuts can cause an allergic attack in another person who is sensitive?
In peanuts, allergies, health risks - asked by seacommander - 3 answers
Is it possible to be allergic to another human being?
In health, allergies - asked by - 9 answers
I am allergic to nuts(pecans, almonds, brazils etc etc)but not peanuts....can anybody tell me why?
In foods, allergies, nuts - asked by - 5 answers
Are you allergic to nuts? If so what are your symptoms?
In foods, allergies, nuts - asked by minx_24.nik - 3 answers
If someone is allergic or sensitive to soy or lecithin, other than anaphalaxis, what symptoms might they get?
In health, allergies, soy - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
What if any new chemical is created when cherries, sugar and lemon are cooked together?
In strange allergies - asked by hdtg - 1 answer
Has anyone any personal experience of using anti-dust mite duvet and pillow covers?
In allergies, dust mites, bedding - asked by imfeduptoo - 2 answers
Due to allergies of my son are there any flowers that are lower in pollen or any ones that do not cause allergic reactions?
In Flowers, pollen, allergies - asked by - 5 answers
Are there any side effects to long-term antihistamine use?
In allergies, antihistamines, side effects - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
If a person is allergic to a food or drink is it possible for them to be affected by sleeping next to someone who has eaten or drunk the item in question?
In allergies - asked by - 5 answers
I have been diagnosed with a soya intolerance. Does modified maize starch have soya in it as I've had another reaction and that's the only ingredient I'm not sure about?
In allergies, modified maize starch - asked by (Guest21061) - 1 answer
Any chocolate?
In chocolate, allergies - asked by - 5 answers
Why is there an increasing number of people in the last few years that are suddenly allergic to nuts, it was rare 5 years ago & now its quite common
In allergies, nuts - asked by - 6 answers
what is Ailurophobia ?
In allergies - asked by Paul_Rook - 1 answer
Do animals get hayfever?
In trivia, nature, allergies - asked by jeannebaxter - 2 answers
How do allergies work? What biological purpose do they serve?
In allergies, health, medicine - asked by frank_burnside - 2 answers
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