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What tunnels/tubes/paths join the nose, eyes, mouth and ears? How big are they?
In connections, biology, anatomy - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
When you get a stiff neck and by moving your head your neck 'clicks', what is it that actually 'clicks'
In anatomy - asked by tecspec - 2 answers
Hypothesis... if you were a victim of a plane crash, and you had to resort to eating human flesh to survive...
In nutrition, travlel, anatomy - asked by - 3 answers
Which action in the body requires the most muscles to complete?
In anatomy, general knowledge, body - asked by Topaz2308 - 3 answers
What is the real purpose of the creases/lifelines on our palms?
In anatomy - asked by wrestlingfan420 - 2 answers
What are the ├│ysters┬┤on a chicken?
In anatomy, chickens - asked by - 4 answers
a woman sees her gynecologist because she is unable to become pregnant. the doc finds granulation tissue in her vaginal canal and explains the spers are susceptible to some of the same chemicals as the bacteria.what in inhibiting the sperm
In human anatomy - asked by (Guest29927) - 2 answers
since adipocytes are incapable of cell division, how is weight gain possible?
In human anatomy - asked by (Guest29927) - 1 answer
How common is it to be born with no tonsils?
In anatomy, tonsils, oddities - asked by sheps101 - 0 answers
If every part of the body is useful what is the appendix for?
In anatomy, humans, appendix - asked by - 5 answers
What is the largest part of the brain?
In human anatomy - asked by (Guest29517) - 1 answer
is female skin different to male skin? does female skin react more to irritants?
In Science biology, physiology, anatomy - asked by (Guest29113) - 2 answers
what is the difference between an arterie and a vein?
In physiology, anatomy - asked by kitten1975 - 3 answers
how many of the stories about people having ribs removed for non-medical reasons are true?
In spare ribs, celebrities, anatomy - asked by - 4 answers
why is thumb called thumb
In anatomy, dictionary - asked by (Guest27853) - 1 answer
why is little finger called pinky
In anatomy - asked by (Guest27853) - 3 answers
Ankles: Why?
In biology, anatomy, human - asked by Mangetout101 - 3 answers
Is it true that the life of an eyelash is only about six weeks?
In anatomy, eyelashes - asked by P-Kasso - 2 answers
Of membrane-bound receptors and intracellular receptors, what is better adapted for mediating a response that lasts a considerable length of time and which is better for mediating a response with a rapid onset and a short duration? explain
In human anatomy - asked by (Guest27020) - 1 answer
surgical removal of the posterior pituitary in experimental animals results in marked symptoms, but these associated with hormone shortage are temporary. explain these results.
In anatomy - asked by (Guest27020) - 1 answer
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