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Where should the apostrophe have gone?
In grammar, apostrophe, apprentice - asked by - 5 answers
Do you think that iQ could provide 8 members to rival The Apprentice? I don't mean suggest 8 members who you'd like to see on the programme but do you think we could wipe the floor with those muppets?
In TV, apprentice, muppets - asked by - 7 answers
Did Alan Sugar make the right choice on The Apprentice tonight? (Spoiler alert in case you have videoed the episode!)
In tv series, the apprentice, winners - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
May 15 apprentice donald trump made a reference to being thin skinned - does anyone have the direct quote?
In the apprentice - asked by (Guest2124) - 1 answer
why did sayed get fired from the apprentice?
In apprentice, fired, sayed - asked by devans11 - 2 answers
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