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My council say that myself and my husband and 6 children (3 under 5, 1 is newborn) have to live in our home while the whole downstairs is out of bounds because asbestos needs removing..is this lawful?
In law, asbestos - asked by (Guest30998) - 3 answers
diseases caused due to asbestos exposure
In disease, asbestos, health - asked by supreme_radiance - 2 answers
I need a asbestos shed removed from my garden in the hampshire area
In asbestos, demolition - asked by predator130 - 3 answers
Is it safe to have a garage with an asbestos roof?
In asbestos, safety, health - asked by enola_gay - 3 answers
Why is asbestos dangerous?
In asbestos, toxic, ship - asked by japanese_trinity - 1 answer
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