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Why do babbies cry? Any of the reasons please. No links.
In babies, cry - asked by - 4 answers
when newborn babies cry why is it they dont have tears?
In babies - asked by louisewitch - 2 answers
why do babies hiccup
In babies - asked by louisewitch - 1 answer
How on earth is the mother of 8 babies born today going to breast feed them all ?
In breast, feeding, 8babies - asked by - 3 answers
Why do so many animals tolerate being pawed by human babies whereas they would bite/scratch an adult? Do they somehow know they're "different" (for want of a better expression)
In Pets, babies - asked by - 4 answers
Do child car seats really 'mould' to the shape of the child to add extra protection?
In car seats, babies, scams - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
Do we take speech for granted? What tests can/do we carry out on mute people and young children...
In babies, mutes, speech - asked by Maygs - 1 answer
Can I paint while Pregnant?
In Cleaning, paint, babies - asked by - 4 answers
Ok so Iwasn't going to share this til it was safe, but i am Pregnant, and have a problem
In Pregnant, worried, babies - asked by - 3 answers
Can you have Rubella injection if you are already pregnant?
In Health, babies, injections - asked by kimberley240605 - 1 answer
lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy?
In babies, help, Pain - asked by Olderlady45 - 3 answers
Is Folic Acid Cheaper to buy over the counter, or getting it on Prescription from the GP?
In pregnancy, babies, folic acid - asked by - 4 answers
I want to teach my baby sign language.
In babies, language, fun - asked by - 3 answers
Shaken baby syndrome: do the new doubts mean that people will be able to get away with doing this without any recourse to justice?
In health, babies, shaken baby syndrome - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
What incentive is there to use public transport?
In buses, babies, no chance - asked by - 9 answers
What could be the causes of spontaneous occurence of cataracts in both eyes of a one year old?
In medical, babies, eyes - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
Does anyone have any suggestions for names? Or do you know good web-sites for names?
In Names, babies - asked by - 8 answers
why wont my 8 year old son sleep , he gose to bed then gets up 5,6 or seven times saying he cant get to sleep,or he is having bad dreams,or he is to hot, lots of different exuces it ends up being a very upsetting ordeal as he constantly crys
In children, sleeping, babies - asked by - 5 answers
What are the legal safety requirements for books for babies and toddlers in the UK?
In books, babies, safety - asked by snow_leopard_33 - 1 answer
It is recommended to sterilise baby's feeding utensils until 12 months, my friends baby is 10 months and is talking about not sterilising anymore, how would 2 months affect her immune system? Does it depend on the child?
In babies, sterilising - asked by - 4 answers
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