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amino acid number 22
In biochemistry - asked by (Guest30215) - 1 answer
Why does the inhibition of the transformation of lactate to pyruvate lead to hypoglycemia?
In biochemistry - asked by (Guest30229) - 1 answer
what are the process of decomposing fish scales
In biochemistry - asked by (Guest29928) - 1 answer
has coating or sealant ever been created out of polymers that have been infused with cellular memory
In biochemistry - asked by bartwoman - 1 answer
What are the structural requirements for a hexose sugar to be fermentable by a yeast enzyme system?
In Chemistry, biochemistry - asked by (Guest29007) - 0 answers
what is fucose?
In biochemistry - asked by (Guest25704) - 2 answers
why urea cycle defect pateints are fed with low Nitrogen diet?
In biochemistry - asked by (Guest20246) - 3 answers
why does pyruvate have a higher Rf value than alpha - keto glutarate?
In biochemistry, Science - asked by fhennah - 2 answers
where can i find information on the iodine number of fats and oils?
In science, biochemistry - asked by fhennah - 1 answer
Substrate Specificity
In Chemistry, biology, biochemistry - asked by Keri.Wilson - 0 answers
quantitative elements of protein
In biochemistry - asked by - 4 answers
what are the substrates of gluconeogenesis?
In gluconeogenesis, biochemistry - asked by aspergillus - 2 answers
What is the biochemistry behind the maturity onset diabetes mellitus of the young?
In diabetes, medicine, biochemistry - asked by creation27 - 1 answer
Have we ever created life in a laboratory?
In Biology, biochemistry, Science - asked by kim.gejel - 3 answers
Which type of phospholipid is the most abundant in the lipid bilayer?
In phospholipid, membrane, biochemistry - asked by presidentofamerica - 1 answer
which pathway does lactic acid take to be reconverted to pyruvate
In lactic, acid, biochemistry - asked by count...dracula - 1 answer
any good biochemistry textbooks that you'd recommend buying?
In biochemistry, textbook, book - asked by - 3 answers
What is a “cheese reaction”?
In cheese, reaction, biochemistry - asked by incredib1e - 1 answer
How might alterations at the oxygen binding site stabilise methemoglobin?
In methemoglobin, mutation, biochemistry - asked by creation27 - 1 answer
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