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Omphaloskepsis - is there a reason why some people have "innies" and other "outies"?
In in the naval, phaarp, biology - asked by Hiheels - 1 answer
What are organisms that can live without oxygen called?
In biology - asked by Russel.West - 2 answers
What tunnels/tubes/paths join the nose, eyes, mouth and ears? How big are they?
In connections, biology, anatomy - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
This isn't intended to be disparaging and any sexist remarks will be rated unhelpful, but in your experience of either being one, or via those you know, would you say it's true that men can only do one thing (properly?) at a time?
In Men, biology, doing stuff - asked by - 10 answers
After the human being....how do animals rank in intelligence?
In biology - asked by - 4 answers
What is the smallest microorganism known?
In biology - asked by jacquesdor - 1 answer
in late October, what stinging insects or spiders might be searching for victims?
In biology - asked by (Guest30805) - 1 answer
Why does the avocado have an egg-shaped seed?
In flora, botany, biology - asked by Poindexter - 2 answers
What are the advantages and disadvantages of removing hair via laser hair removal compared to other ways such as threading and waxing?
In laser hair removal, beauty, biology - asked by Johti13 - 2 answers
What is the sting inside wasps made of and what is the mechanism that releases it?
In Science biology - asked by ZakGittins - 1 answer
Why does the bumble-bee fly?
In Science biology - asked by ZakGittins - 2 answers
Hmm, struggling with a sentance
In biology, evolution, bird - asked by Maygs - 1 answer
These products that are supposed to contain the good bacteria for digestion...how are the bacteria added? If they're grown in the product how do they stop "bad" bacteria growing at the same time? Or do they just sprinkle in a pinch of bacteria at sealing?
In Digestion, biology - asked by Hiheels - 3 answers
What theories are there to show the following...
In psychology, biology - asked by Maygs - 1 answer
what is the disadvantage of sperm competition?
In biology - asked by Maygs - 1 answer
how does plasmodium evade drug therapy in humans and birds?
In microbiology - asked by (Guest30485) - 1 answer
What DNA restriction enzyme is used to isolate the human insulin production gene?
In biology, genetics, insulin - asked by bengood4000 - 1 answer
is there anyone out there who knows anything on nutrient cycle (nitrogen,carbon,water and sulphur cycles)
In biology - asked by (Guest30264) - 1 answer
what are the possible combination theraphy for high level gentamicin resistant enterococcus faecalis?
In microbiology - asked by luznuevomacanas - 1 answer
a question about deepthought. when you think, do you "hear" the words in your head?
In biology, thought, science - asked by - 10 answers
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