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Were any babies born at Woodstock, the late 60s concert?
In birth, woodstock, rock - asked by P-Kasso - 1 answer
Do you think that the comment that Caesarian sections are becoming as much a lifestyle choice as medical necessity a valid observation?
In childbirth, pregnancy, healthcare - asked by - 6 answers
Would you give birth over and over again?
In childbirth, Pain - asked by - 7 answers
what is oldest animal to give live birth?
In Age at birth - asked by (Guest29347) - 3 answers
When a hermaphrodite is registered at birth in the uk today how do they deside what sex they are registered as or is there another box that gets ticked?
In hermaphrodite, uk, birth - asked by sheps101 - 2 answers
How many different pain killers are there for child birth ?
In Childbirth, Pain Killers, Pain - asked by Family.Guy - 3 answers
I have two questions about the baby born in the drop-toilet on an Indian train:
In baby, birth, bizarre - asked by (Guest27430) - 1 answer
Do you think that the one child per couple policy in China will have an effect in the future on Yoofinasia programmes?
In birth, death, entertainment - asked by - 5 answers
I have a friend (male, of course) who insists that gout is far more painful than childbirth.
In gout, pregnancy, childbirth - asked by - 9 answers
what is the highest surviving multiple birth?
In multiple pregnancy, multiple birth, survival - asked by beeper_spryte - 2 answers
how do you no if a dog is pregent
In dog, pregnancy, birth - asked by sophie1992 - 3 answers
If you are to be reincarnated, would you prefer to be reborn as a male or a female?
In Reincarnation, rebirth, gender choice - asked by - 13 answers
If Greece was the birth place of civilisation, where was it conceived?
In Human, civilisation, birth - asked by - 10 answers
What is the best way to cope with the most imagineable pain during a natural homebirth?
In childbirth - asked by - 5 answers
where was alice cooper born
In place of birth - asked by (Guest21374) - 1 answer
My black labrador gave birth to 5 puppies on Sunday morning and all are fine. Mum seems ok but is panting alot. Is this normal
In dogs, birth, puppies - asked by (Guest20860) - 1 answer
when does liability for absent parent to make support payments start
In birth, paternity, maintenance - asked by (Guest20599) - 1 answer
Further to Pikasso's question do you feel that you have been reincarnated from anybody?
In Rebirth, Other Lives - asked by - 7 answers
Is a woman incomplete if she never gave birth to children and is it a waste of her eggs?
In childbirth, usefulness, completeness - asked by - 8 answers
Is the birth of children with Mongolian spots more prevalent during Easter?
In eggs, colour, birth - asked by ReginaTWerner - 1 answer
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