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What is the best (in your opinion) opening line to a novel that made you want to read on? please the name of the novel, its author and title...
In literature, books - asked by Russel.West - 2 answers
Why are Lap tops called Notebooks? they to big to be called that ?
In laptops, aka, notebooks - asked by - 4 answers
i'm reading liseys story by steven king. what is a suckoven/.
In books, language - asked by agentju90 - 2 answers
seize the night, a book by dean koontz
In books, films - asked by geejayy - 1 answer
In the Terry Pratchett Discworld books do they need to be read sequentially or can you pick and chose? If the are sequential what order should they be read in?
In books, author, Discworld - asked by Topaz2308 - 3 answers
What books or films do you think are more relevant today than when they were made?
In books, film - asked by - 4 answers
When you read a book and visualise the characters, where does that mental image come from? The author may describe certain aspects, but is the rest a melange of people we know with similar traits?
In Melange, characters, books - asked by - 3 answers
Why are they always changing the names of things for Americans? (For Example, Where's Wally became Where's Waldo) Why can't Americans read books with the same character names as the rest of us?
In Americans, marketing, books - asked by - 1 answer
Does the reading of so called childrens’ books in adulthood result in a greater and deeper understanding and appreciation of the text?
In childrens books, reading, society - asked by seacommander - 3 answers
What is interesting or humorous book?
In people, books - asked by (Guest30546) - 2 answers
About philosophy books!
In books, Philosophy, enlightenment - asked by (Guest30546) - 2 answers
How can you tell if an old book is worth money?
In books - asked by marge1983 - 2 answers
Looking for a particular childrens book about a phoenix
In literature, childrens books, fantasy - asked by Rhythm_Stick - 3 answers
What is this book?
In books - asked by jacquesdor - 2 answers
When reading, what captivates you?
In writing, stories, books - asked by Maygs - 2 answers
Who wrote the first ever cookery book that was widely available for the public to buy?
In history, books, publishing - asked by - 5 answers
Where is the original "Book of the Dead" located?
In books, history ancients - asked by cryptminder - 1 answer
the world war 1 diaries on antiques road show. are they on sale yet?
In literature, history, books - asked by agentju90 - 1 answer
And italics: why?
In text, italics, books - asked by vultan - 2 answers
Literary long shot: Does anyone nkow of an author called (something like) Julian Ross Maclaren who wrote a book called "Stuff to give to the troops" ?
In literature, books, novels - asked by P-Kasso - 2 answers
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