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Why are houses today rarely built with cellars?
In homes, building, construction - asked by duffield1 - 3 answers
I have the opportunity to build my own house on some land we own but where do you start after planning permission is granted?
In building, house, home - asked by - 5 answers
Can you build a stud wall over laminate flooring?
In building, stud wall, laminate flooring - asked by - 2 answers
I'm having to learn how to build a web site...any good places to find easily understood instruction?
In Web, site, building - asked by Theminxy1 - 2 answers
Other than English Heritage and fundraising, are there any grant-making bodies for repairs to historic buildings, like castles and churches?
In building, repairs, restoration - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
Nvu web design question
In Nvu, Web Design, website building - asked by shane252 - 2 answers
How many bricks were made in 2006 in the UK?
In building - asked by siasl74 - 1 answer
I would like to build a shed in my garden, how big can i build it before i have to get planning permission?
In building, planning permission, sheds - asked by (Guest29320) - 2 answers
water supply to 3 flats
In building, plumbing, development - asked by og180 - 2 answers
Where was the Titanic built?
In ship building, Titanic - asked by - 4 answers
i have built a new extension but my neigbour will not let put scaffolding in his garden to let me render it how do i stand
In building - asked by - 3 answers
Longest river
In building - asked by Homerjs - 2 answers
What is a coombed ceiling
In building - asked by (Guest27908) - 2 answers
Where is the cheapest place for bessa bricks
In building, bricks, bessa - asked by jkexpress - 1 answer
where can i find the history of mill ride golf club
In history of building - asked by (Guest27857) - 2 answers
I'm starting a handyman business what is a reasonable price to charge customers?
In handyman, building, plpumbing - asked by (Guest27240) - 3 answers
Where was the Squirrel Confectionery factory?
In history, building - asked by (Guest27238) - 1 answer
If you whip steroid cream does it become stronger?
In body building, cooking, chemicals - asked by - 5 answers
Are there any harmful effects caused on the human body by body building over a prolonged length of time?
In body building - asked by - 4 answers
Can the government do anything practical to help people buy houses?
In house prices, building - asked by duffield1 - 3 answers
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