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Christmas Decorations - when should they come down?
In christmas lights, Christmas Tree, christmas cards - asked by - 4 answers
Why is the ace of spades associated with death?
In cards, ace, spades - asked by - 4 answers
what does it take to get a green card for an autralian?
In green cards - asked by (Guest30718) - 1 answer
What system can best remove the risk of fraud for customers making credit card payments ? - during calls to contact centres ?
In Credit cards, fraud - asked by Leohuberh - 1 answer
Does anyone have a any royalty-free cartoons of singing Santas, or Santa with a car?
In Santa, Christmas cards, designs - asked by robinsamuels - 3 answers
if you have been denied a card from a clothes shop to buy garments and pay monthly where can you find out why
In retail cards - asked by girlsrule5030 - 2 answers
Is it possible to block store/debit card's coming to your house?
In credit cards - asked by lauren-ashleii - 1 answer
Is it illegal to use someone else's debit card, even if he gave you the PIN#--especially if he becomes mentally incapacitated shortly thereafter?
In Law and ethics, legal questions, debit cards - asked by CuriousKat - 2 answers
Which banks and building societies issue visa electron cards?
In credit cards, debit cards - asked by - 5 answers
Looking for a lesbian birthday card
In cards, greetings, lesbians - asked by Maygs - 2 answers
Which is the best graphics card out of these two?see below
In computers, graphics cards - asked by sheps101 - 1 answer
What do holiday card companies do for income this time of year?
In holiday cards, hallmark, valentines day - asked by mydogalwaysstinks - 2 answers
Will Tescos credit card company refund my money
In credit cards - asked by nonekeener - 1 answer
Can a shop refuse cash purchases and insist they be bought with credit cards?
In phones, credit cards, cash - asked by Sapphire10 - 4 answers
What colour are sim cards in the UK? What are the designs for each provider?
In sim cards, colour, design - asked by - 4 answers
How many postcards do you send throughout the year? Do you send most of them in Summer / when on holiday?
In postcards, send, Summer - asked by - 4 answers
what does sim free mean? don't all mobiles have a sim?
In sim cards, mobile phones, technology - asked by agentju90 - 1 answer
Is sending thank you cards a thing of the past?
In thanks, cards, general question - asked by tracieboo - 3 answers
A news item today states that bank details can be bought for a fiver on the internet on a type of 'criminal web shop'. Are the people we thought eccentric for keeping their savings under mattresses because they didn't trust banks about to be shown not so
In credit cards, crime sprees - asked by PARRY22 - 2 answers
If a PC has two network [ethernet] cards could it be used to share an internet connection?
In PC, 2 ethernet cards, share - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
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