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Following on from last evening's thread of lavatorial questions. Exactly how are some of the high-tech uni-sex street conveniences monitored by CCTV? I've never seen the camera outside - does it monitor inside!!!?
In toilets, public, cctv - asked by seacommander - 2 answers
Do you think that surveillance of the individual by means such as closed circuit television and automatic number plate recognition is becoming too invasive?
In cctv, surveillance, tracking - asked by - 6 answers
Are there nursing/care homes for the elderly in the U.K that use remote access CCTV cameras?
In nursing homes, cctv, the elderly - asked by charmling - 2 answers
How do you feel about being watched? Do you think cctv has gone too far? [see link]
In cctv, uk - asked by - 4 answers
can my husband film me on cctv without my permission
In cctv - asked by (Guest22350) - 3 answers
regulations for cctv operator
In cctv - asked by (Guest18780) - 1 answer
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