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what are the process of decomposing fish scales
In biochemistry - asked by (Guest29928) - 1 answer
what is a wave of light
In chemistry - asked by martinglake - 2 answers
which of the substances ( zinc or magnesium ) reacts faster with hydrocloric acid to form hydrogen
In chemistry - asked by (Guest29820) - 2 answers
A chemistry equation working out a mass that can be made by reacting magnesium??
In chemistry, magnesium, chlorine - asked by Bethhorror - 1 answer
Why is "dry ice" named dry ice?
In physics, dry ice, chemistry - asked by Sn0wBoy - 3 answers
fire is an event, a chemical reaction,not a substance. before burning the energy was stored as chemical bonds in propane and oxygen. this potential energy was converted to heat (kenetic energy of molecules) and into another form of kenetic energy. what wa
In chemistry - asked by jbeas - 2 answers
How can I generate CO2 gas?
In chemistry, acid, bases - asked by - 3 answers
has coating or sealant ever been created out of polymers that have been infused with cellular memory
In biochemistry - asked by bartwoman - 1 answer
What is the difference between a molecule and a compound? What are the most common molecules / compounds used in daily life?
In chemistry, molecule, compound - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
which heat particle have more capacity
In science chemistry - asked by girish289 - 1 answer
how give heat energy to praticle without fuel
In science chemistry, science gas - asked by (Guest29311) - 2 answers
Why do clothes stick to the body when wet?
In science chemistry - asked by (Guest29236) - 2 answers
What is the quantity of NF3 (the dangerous pollutant in LCD and Plasma TVs) in the atmosphere?
In chemistry, manufacturing processes, environmental protection - asked by Carina480 - 1 answer
an object is located 51 millimeters from a diverging lens. the object has a height of 13 millimeters and the image height is 3.5 millimeters. how far in front of the lens is the image located.
In science chemistry - asked by debbyinnc - 1 answer
What percentage of the total amount of hydrogen on/around our planet earth is locked up in water?
In science chemistry - asked by osbertonbowls - 2 answers
In chemistry - asked by (Guest29029) - 1 answer
What are the structural requirements for a hexose sugar to be fermentable by a yeast enzyme system?
In Chemistry, biochemistry - asked by (Guest29007) - 0 answers
Help me with some chem questions please?
In chemistry - asked by (Guest28670) - 4 answers
why are there so few non-metals in the periodic table
In chemistry - asked by (Guest28591) - 2 answers
why are there so few non-metals
In chemistry - asked by (Guest28591) - 1 answer
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