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What will happen if children no longer play outside?
In play, children, society - asked by - 3 answers
Why have children started having sexual intercouse at an earlier age than 10 years ago?
In health, children, sex - asked by - 6 answers
Fourteen year old confessed to using drugs yet tested negative. He only admitted because no parent or attorney was present and he didn't want to argue with the police officer. What do I do now for my child?
In children, confession - asked by - 5 answers
In children - asked by (Guest2365) - 3 answers
How do you get kids to eat their greens?
In vegetables, children, health - asked by - 6 answers
What does a baby see?
In trivia, iQ, children - asked by jeannebaxter - 2 answers
Are Frank Zappa's children really called Moonunit and Twinkletoes?
In Frank Zappa, children, name - asked by enola_gay - 2 answers
My 2 year old sons been ill for over 6 weeks
In medical, health, children - asked by tarapalmer1974 - 1 answer
Is there any public record of unusual names given to new babies in the UK?
In name, children, unusual - asked by enola_gay - 1 answer
What has Robert Miles done since the hit Dream Trance tune 'Children'?
In Robert Miles, children, music - asked by Baobab2090 - 1 answer
How should obesity in children be tackled in the uk?
In obesity, children, solution - asked by - 2 answers
why dont sheep fall off the sides of steep mountains
In dogs, cats, children - asked by jennifer231 - 1 answer
Why are suicide rates for children on the increase across the uk and why are they higher in Wales
In children, welfare, Sociology - asked by cairina.moschata - 2 answers
how many children do americans get in avarage?
In children, women - asked by (Guest286) - 1 answer
Did J.M. Barrie write any other children's books besides Peter Pan?
In books, children, Peter Pan - asked by roamwhereiwant - 1 answer
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