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Why is the Church and other religous groups so against the showing of Darwins Tree of life, by David Attenbourgh on sunday ?
In church, row, programme - asked by - 4 answers
Should the pastor know what people give?
In church, money - asked by - 5 answers
Is it appropriate to open a offlicence next door to a pre-school and a church?
In general question, offlicence, church - asked by - 7 answers
What is so special about the church service at Holy Trinity Church in Dalston, East London on the 1st Sunday of February each year?
In church, religion, unusual - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
How many churches have punch-ups between their priests?
In church, religion, argy bargy - asked by siasl74 - 2 answers
I dont want my daughter's god mother to be her god parent any more for certain reasons. Will the church remove and delete and papers of her being a god parent??
In church, god parents - asked by funksensations1 - 2 answers
U2's music is now being played in churches. What other group/song would you think is suitable for church?
In Music, church - asked by - 6 answers
The Dead Sea Scrolls
In biblical, books, church - asked by cryptminder - 2 answers
what western had a scene with a church offering and a six-shooter?
In Western, church, offering - asked by (Guest13368) - 2 answers
What is the smallest church in England?
In church, smallest, england - asked by Baobab2090 - 2 answers
St Swithins Rc Church,Gillmoss,Lancashire does it still exixt
In St swithins church - asked by fanakerpan24 - 1 answer
what is the view the church take on ghosts?
In church, Ghosts, religion - asked by jazzygold - 3 answers
Is the Church over-reacting over the film release of "The Da Vinci Code"?
In Da vinci Code, Vatican, church - asked by - 4 answers
Does the Church of England select its bishops through normal methods - ie various candidates for a vacant bishopric submit CVs - or does it have a more esoteric method?
In church, religion, anglican - asked by kimphilby - 1 answer
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