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Can you recommend a good quality coffee from personal experience?
In coffee - asked by - 4 answers
Where would we be without coffee? The electric light gave us the means of lighting the dark but would great thinkers have been able to continue thinking through the night without coffee?
In coffee, progress - asked by - 6 answers
In general, hot/boiling water is regarded as vital for brewing drinks such as tea; not only because we want a hot drink but also because more flavour is released.
In tea, coffee, brewing - asked by seacommander - 2 answers
What is the most expensive coffee in the world?
In coffee - asked by sheps101 - 2 answers
When making a cup of instant coffee does the order of adding the mik and water affect the taste/quality of the final drink?
In coffee, taste - asked by - 5 answers
is the flesh from coffee cherries used for anything or is it just a by-product?
In coffee, cherries, history - asked by beeper_spryte - 2 answers
do landrover have their own coffee line
In landrover, coffee - asked by goth-girl1 - 3 answers
Is there a way to steam milk at home?
In coffee, steaming, method - asked by Maygs - 2 answers
Which came first? Milk in tea, or milk in coffee?
In tea, coffee, milk - asked by wumpus - 1 answer
Who was the first person to put brandy or whisky in coffee?
In drinks, coffee - asked by sheps101 - 1 answer
Espresso - love it or hate it and why?
In coffee, connoisseur of coffee - asked by - 9 answers
I drink Vienna coffee [Jarrah brand] and was wondering how coffee is prepared in your part of the world? What's your favourite way to drink coffee?
In coffee, worldwide, preparation - asked by - 4 answers
Why does Coffee "Seem" to taste different when some-one else makes it?
In coffee, general knowledge, taste - asked by - 4 answers
If you are a coffee drinker, what do you add to it before you drink it? Do you prefer it hot, cold or somewhere in between?
In coffee, additions, temperature - asked by - 7 answers
which came first, iced tea or iced coffee?
In iced tea, iced coffee, recipes - asked by beeper_spryte - 2 answers
Making an irish coffee?...
In cream, general question, irish coffee - asked by tracieboo - 3 answers
how many different types of coffee are there?
In posh, coffee, beverage - asked by beeper_spryte - 1 answer
are there any types of coffee/drink that are unique to the megacorp coffee shops?
In coffee, beverages - asked by beeper_spryte - 1 answer
Does tea have more caffeine than coffee?
In coffee - asked by - 4 answers
Is there such a thing as a 'fresh' mocha?
In coffee, mocha - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
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